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Take a look at the global fashion industry what happened?
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[China shoes - International News] according to informed sources, the Swiss luxury group Chlo Louis Vuitton and creative director Nicola Ghesqui re assistant Natacha Ramsay-Leyi approached Natacha Ramsay-Leyi, intends to hire added to the design team.
Chlo • eyeing Louis Vuitton creative director right-hand man Natacha Ramsay-Leyi
It is reported that Natacha Ramsay-Leyi will be early next year after the Paris fashion week, and decide whether to renew Louis Vuitton about February 28th to March 8th, the Chlo Waight current creative director Clare Keller will also make new choices at the same time. As of press time, Chlo spokesman responded yet to this rumor.
Paris has the lowest price in LV handbags or stimulate the growth of tourism consumption China consumers in France
According to Bloomberg data, LV handbags priced between 4250 euros to 6374 euros, the specific price depends on where consumers. The report said, France is the lowest priced handbags LV area, for the most keen to buy luxury Chinese consumers, nearly 50% of the price difference means that they can travel to Paris to buy a high price in the local LV handbag. Therefore, the industry said, LV handbag in the global scope of the lowest price area for France, which will arouse consumers China France tourism boom again.
Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld will cooperate with Buick terminal brand Avenir crossover
December 15th, SAIC GM Buick brand announced its high terminal brand Avenir will cooperate with Karl Lagerfeld cross-border cooperation to build a new generation of GL8 Avenir art car. At the same time, Karl Lagerfeld also confirmed that in December 19th to Shanghai to attend the 2016 Digital Fashion Festival Charity Night, then there will be many of the biggest names in fashion circles to dinner, to witness the Buick Avenir and Karl Lagerfeld of the first cross-border cooperation.
EVISU $40 million to buy back China retail rights
On Wednesday, Japan's high-end denim brand EVISU Group Limited Cassia Investments announced in conjunction with the consumer market of private equity funds, and investment, support to IDG Capital Partners Chinese joint venture trading (Shanghai) Co. dry Yuxi company repurchase price of $40 million related rights. EVISU David Group chairman and chief executive officer of Limited Pun is still the largest shareholder, he said the brand in the past few years and Chinese joint venture partners, established a reputation for the brand and occupy the seats in the China, think now is Chinese brand integration business and Corporation period of his business ideal.
Commissioned OEM fake bootleg Chuan Cheng fashion is the ONLY parent company claims 2 million 500 thousand yuan
According to Shanghai media reports, Shanghai wamar Garment Co. Ltd. from the sincere fashion commissioned for bestseller fashion group under the "ONLY" and "VEROMODA" OEM clothing. In the process of production, promotion, unauthorized production and sales to customers Chuan Cheng fashion bestseller fashion group's "ONLY", "VEROMODA" brand clothing, bestseller fashion group identified Chuan Cheng fashion to its default, claims 2 million 500 thousand yuan. To this end, Chuan Cheng refused wamar fashion part of the company's processing, by wamar company to court.
H&M November earnings growth slowed again lower than expected

Sweden fast fashion group Hennes&Mauritz today released a report said that in November its total sales in the local currency grew 9%, slower growth than in October, lower than the financial analysts expected from 11% to 15%. In the fiscal year ended November 30th, H&M sales revenue in local currency grew 7% to SEK 222 billion 820 million, or $24 billion 220 million.

The fiscal year, H&M added a total of 427 stores, while its e-commerce to improve, update and expand preferential measures. As of November 30th this year, H&M number of stores in the world for 4351, of which the company added 82 stores in November. H&M plans to release full performance report for fiscal year January 31, 2017.
Italy clothing brand OVS third quarter earnings growth slowed further affected by the warm winter
In September this year due to unusually warm weather, ended in nine before the end of October this year, OVS group's net sales growth slowed to 4% from the first half of 4.7%, the total sales of recorded 986 million 200 thousand euros; EBITDA is 125 million 900 thousand euro, rose 6.5% yoy, EBITDA margin benefit from effective control and improvement of the cost of purchasing status and an increase of 30 basis points to 12.8%, pre tax net profit increased by 8.8% to 76 million 900 thousand euros. Its fast fashion brand OVS and parity apparel brand UPIM results were recorded 3.7% and 5.6% growth. Sales growth period mainly by the retail network expansion drive, the group added 28 Direct stores and 114 other stores; and opened a year or more stores sales by freak weather this year has brought negative influence.
British electricity supplier successful transformation within 5 months of the fourth increase in full year expectations
British fashion electricity supplier Wednesday again raised the group's full year expectations, which is the fourth increase in the group within the 5 months. The new is expected by the end of March 2017 fiscal year revenue next year there will be an increase of 38%-42%, previously expected 30%-35%, initially expected only 25%-30%. It is reported that the increase is expected to be mainly driven by strong trading black Friday, in addition, the group's operating leverage will continue to improve, expected fiscal year EBITDTA profit margin of 11-12%. Meanwhile, the group also announced the acquisition of 21 pounds of Three Clothing Company approximately $66% stake in approximately $3 million 300 thousand.
Open Cloud group 2016 fiscal year results announced interim dividend distribution
Open Cloud group on Thursday announced that it will distribute 1.5 euros per share in fiscal year 2016 interim dividend. According to the group report, the company will close on January 18th before payment of the stock market, the ex dividend date is January 16th. This year the cloud group's luxury sector performance including Gucci and Saint Laurent, the strong push group until September 30th third quarter total revenue increased to 3 billion 180 million euros, including direct store sales growth for the first time this year double-digit, namely 10.5%. Nearly 3 months, the group's share price rose by $209 to $19.63% per share, the market value of about EUR 26 billion 392 million.
Media A Henry Murdoch $14 billion 600 million acquisition of British Sky TV
Beijing time on December 16th morning news, according to Reuters, the American newspaper tycoon Rupert Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch) under the command of Fawkes company in twenty-first Century (Twenty-First Century Fox) have reached an agreement, the price will be $14 billion 600 million acquisition of British Sky TV (Sky), the transaction will be consolidated under Murdoch across mainland Europe and the United States. The media "empire", with the help of streaming video service provider Netflix and other rivals.
A&F appointed Aaron Levine served as senior vice president of design department responsible for men and women design
American casual wear brand Abercrombie & Fitch in order to significantly improve its women's products, has appointed Aaron Levine as senior vice president of design department responsible for men and women design. Aaron Levine served as director of menswear design company, the company is now formally appointed as senior vice president of design department, the position by the company before the women's design director Kristina Szasz to set up Kristina Szasz, adding A&F money, was also in the Tommy Hilfiger and Karl Lagerfeld company in Europe as a design director.
Firmenich, the Swiss fragrance maker, will launch a new fragrance factory in China next year
Headquartered in Switzerland Geneva perfume manufacturing and supplier Firmenich Firmenich issued a statement Thursday announced that the Chinese partners jointly set up Chinese official website has been officially launched, covering the company's innovation, research and summary etc.. Group CEO Gilbert Ghostine expressed confidence in the Chinese market, the establishment of Chinese websites have strategic significance for the group. At present, Firmenich has 3 manufacturing plants in China and will add a new one next year.
Adidas first 3D sports shoes have been officially on sale
Adidas last year has been highlighting their own innovative enterprise advantages, and vigorously develop Futurecraft projects, one of the highlights is the development of 3D print sports shoes. Adidas first 3D sports shoes have been added officially in December 15th sales, the shoe sole is made of 3D printing technology, Primeknit with the upper, but belongs to the limited edition version, there is no production plan. The 3D running shoes in the brand in New York, Tokyo and London flagship store sales, consumers can Adidas Confirmed applications for $333 price book.
Worried about the impact of store revenue Tiffany&Co cooperation with the New York Police Bureau set up brand roadblocks for consumers shortcut
Since Trump was elected the next president of the United States Trumpt tower day by protesting crowds of harassment, has seriously affected the surrounding Gucci, Armani, Tiffany and Ralph Lauren, the luxury brand stores daily operation. To get rid of the protesters plagued Tiffany&Co take the lead, reached an agreement with the New York police department, cooperative control on the flow, made a special brand of classic Tiffany blue barricades and set up a special channel for consumers, and separated by protesters. At the same time, the clerk will be along the guard, wear the uniform Tiffany blue scarf to do publicity.
Christophe Chenut and Chris Gay served as model brokerage firm Elite World joint CEO
Elite World, former model agency announced the appointment of Christosphe Chenut and Chris Gay as chief executive of United, replacing former CEO John Hooks. After taking office, they will share their business responsibilities, and consolidate and strengthen the group's leading position in the world, while reporting to the board of directors. Christophe Chenut former Lacoste group's former CEO, Chris Gay also served as CEO of Women model brokerage company, has extensive experience in model management. The Chris Gay successfully discovered the supermodel Liu Wen, including Adriana Lima, Kendall Jener and Willow Smith etc..

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