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Chinese export shoes up to about 10000000000 pairs per person at least a pair of
Article source:China shoes net Page views:2370 Release date:2019-09-03 01:32:16
[China shoes net - industry news] open economy contribution to economic and social development has become increasingly prominent.  After 30 years of opening up, China has become the world's largest trading nation, the largest exporter and second largest importer and second largest foreign investment country, the third largest foreign investment in the country, the country's largest foreign exchange reserves.
12th Five-Year period, China's cumulative utilization of foreign capital amounted to $591 billion 150 million, more than in 11th Five-Year, an increase of 37.9%. At present, foreign invested enterprises have created nearly 1/2 of China's foreign trade, 1/4 industrial output value, 1/7 urban employment and 1/5 tax revenue, and foreign investment has played an important role in China's economic development.
With the rapid development of modern science and technology and the increasingly convenient international exchanges, the earth is like a small village in the vast universe, people all over the world have lived in a global village. China can not develop without the world, the world's development is inseparable from china. China exports to the world about 10000000000 pairs of shoes, equivalent to provide more than one pair of shoes for everyone abroad. Now we can not only buy through the network French red wine, Swiss watches, South Africa gems and other commodities, you can also travel abroad, study abroad, which is open to each of us to bring the direct benefits.
At present, the foundation and conditions of China's opening to the outside world have undergone fundamental changes, and the future needs a new open layout. Through the "The Belt and Road construction, collaboration to promote strategic mutual trust, investment in economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges, so that more Chinese, China capital, China products, China service to" go out ", also let more foreigners, foreign capital, foreign products, foreign service" come in ", form a pattern of mutually beneficial cooperation in depth fusion the.
Opening to the outside world is the basic policy of our country and the only way for the prosperity and development of our country. "The Belt and Road construction" as a guide, to further enrich the connotation of opening up, improve the level of opening up, open up the domestic and international market two, a new pattern of all-round opening to build sea internal and external linkage, two-way open.

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