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Shoes do not buy the wrong size to lose,
Article source:suibi8 Page views:2938 Release date:2019-09-03 01:31:10
Buy shoes but in the life of the super important event, ill fitting shoes walking on the road but will let people over the pain!!
But when you buy shoes, you should sometimes encounter this very disturbing problem...
"Like shoes size enough but not feet"
The National People's Congress is the sole partial width or partial thickness, resulting in shoes is their size but is wearing uncomfortable, is to buy a pair of shoes in the store you can also ask the store staff help, but there is no way to use online shopping, up only to find out in fact now have a shoemaker... But hold ice ", can let you not be able to go out in the home stretch your shoes!
Ice support method is very simple, the material required only two chain bags and each bag of 1/3 water. You can also use a relatively thin and soft plastic bags to use, open your mouth to see the tie is tied up, do not leak any.
Next you can't wear out shoes, to give it into the bag, where do you feel the need to get big bag stuffed with let there! Do not fill the purpose of water is also in this, so as to facilitate the adjustment of position.
Plug after your shoes to the refrigerator freezer ice!
This is the main use will swell when water freezes, it will in the expansion at the same time the shoes to support, so the ice time is probably a whole night, after all, to let it hold for a while after icing, avoid going back quickly after.
Finally put the shoes out of the fridge, such as ice melts slightly and then take out, put the shoes clean finish.
If after trying to feel a little too small, continue to repeat the above process on OK!
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