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From the shoes to the color of men's clothing products, how to take
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With the rise of men's fashion, the way men see fashion is also more comprehensive and detail. In the previous article we have mentioned that the choice of color and how to match the achievements of a classic match, one can destroy a fashion tide products, this issue is still applicable to footwear.
What shoes match what pants often occupy the top of the major fashion topics, which also proves that men who are less sensitive to color are often confused about the choice of footwear color. This time I will discuss several major colors, we hope to bring unexpected results.
Brown leather shoes
Brown pants collocation black leather shoes seem to be popular in the industry for a long time, but in fact, these two colors are completely incompatible, I want to say is, although not a formal occasion, but in a casual outfit can match good fashion, fashion is never static, everyone will have different view.
Black leather shoes
Of course, you can also wear black and black, maybe it will always be a successful combination, but after that, you will become the fashion tour after be cast into the shade. Gray and black are undoubtedly a suitable choice, but the combination of brown and gray can also have unexpected effects. Either way, personal preferences will have a great influence, the general consensus is that black footwear is very good ride.
Oxblood shoes
Oxblood shoes are actually more common color of the footwear, and not very publicity, everyone can wear good after the match. They are fused with gray, brown red, navy blue and other colors, or have added some black, and nothing different. In fact, if you do not want to just do a simple Oxblood metrosexual man must be you, is the way to go. Although they are not much different from other colors, but in the use of color is indeed more bold, more interesting, more clear personality.
Colored leather
For more personal color leather - green or blue - your choice combination will be much more restrictive.
So here are some key suggestions to consider:
White line will be very good, because they are neutral color, simple leisure. White jeans or khakis collocation is perfect bold color shoes. They are not only chic and perfect spring / summer single items, they also keep your shoes focused in the sun.
Keep the rest of your equipment simple, neutral, minimalist. Your shoes will attract people's attention, so don't choose a competitive eye-catching over printed shirt or a brightly colored coat.
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